sustainable tiny homes
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We Make Custom Tiny Homes.

We build custom, VOC-free dwellings using a large amount of locally foraged timber that is not farmed. Let's focus on site design, planning and customization to a sustainable, low footprint home for your use or as an easy to install vacation rental or AirBnB.

Our Process.

These homes start with a conversation, an exchange of ideas. We begin with the blank canvas of a basic model design and working together, determine the layout of the interior space. We'll explore the possible amenities, wood finishes, custom milling, door and window trims. Through collaboration we'll end up with more than a tiny dwelling, it will be your tiny home.


Check out our models to see which one is a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Keep in mind that we can customize nearly every aspect of our homes.

the pacific
The Pacific design was inspired by the ocean and life on the coast.
the traveler
The Traveler is our lightweight home meant to traverse the world.
the nemah
This classic design is perfect for maximizing space and settling down for a full-time tiny home lifestyle.
the willapa
The simple modern styling and natural wood siding allow this model to fit effortlessly into any landscape.

Contact Us.

Give us a way to contact you and and details about your project and we'll get a conversation going..

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