About Us.

We are custom tiny home builders, with an emphasis on custom. We start with a basic model and open floor plan to realize a unique vision for your living space.

Tiny Homes

Our homes are tiny. 400 square feet or less and mounted on a trailer so that it can be towed anyware the roads go. Many thousands of tiny home owners now understand that with a few changes in habits and creative design choices, we can create a very functional home on a small footprint with little to no negative effects on the surrounding environment.

Sustainable Construction

We proudly broadcast our commitment to sustainable construction. Our company grew from the foothills, mountains and riverbeds of Western Washington and respect for nature is of parmount importance to us. Ethical construction practices, use of VOC free materials, custom milling of refurbished and rescued lumber and focusing on making low impact wheeled dwellings. These are the practices that daily re-affirm our dedication to an environmentally aware approach.

Our Process

These homes start with a conversation, an exchange of ideas. We begin with the blank canvas of a basic model design and working together, determine the layout of the interior space. We'll explore the possible amenities, wood finishes, custom milling, door and window trims. Through collaboration we'll end up with more than a tiny dwelling, it will be your tiny home.

Let's Talk!

We know all too well that custom home building can be a daunting process. Our team has confidence that we can walk you through the process and help you achieve your ideal dwelling. Contact us and we can talk it out.