the willapa

The simple modern styling and natural wood siding allow this model to fit effortlessly into any landscape. A full-wall window at one end provides ample natural light and a connection to your surroundings. The Willapa is a versatile tiny home layout with many customization opportunities to achieve your vision.

occupancy: 2-4 persons
length: 20' to 34'
price: starting at $75,000
destination: continental US


These are the most common features but we can customize each aspect of your home to ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind home matched to your needs and personality.

Cedar Siding
Clear Western Cedar tongue & groove siding with Benjamin Moore semi-transparent stain available in a variety of colors.
Composite Windows
Andersen Fibrex window and doors made from a composite of reclaimed wood and plastic with far higher insulation characteristics compared to traditional frames.
Quality Construction
Our work and materials are expected to last over 50 years in all climates.
Plywood Cladding
The interior features gorgeous plywood cladding on the walls, gently treated with a clear coat.
Real Hardwood Floors
We mill unique real hardwood floors from new and refurbished timber. Most of your floor boards have a history.
Wood Countertops
Another way to make your space unique? Custom hand-made wood countertops sourced from wood with history.
On Demand Hot Water
All homes come stock with energy efficient on-demand hot water from a space saving Takagi wall m ounted water heater.
Custom Millwork
All projects will include some custom millwork using legacy woods with a history and a new purpose.We respect wood and reuse fine timbers rescued from hazard trees and old construction.
We can customize your interior space and design one or more lofts for sleeping and/or storage.
Iron Eagle Trailer
Custom built trailers specifically engineered for tiny homes.
Standing Seam Roof
Low maintenance roofing available in various colors with a projected lifespan of 50+ years.
Customize your storage with a large variety of configurations and colorways.
Stainless Appliances
We offer a large variety of stainless stell appliances depending on your aesthetics and needs.
Washer/Dryer Combo
A space saving single washer/dryer combo unit from LG comes stock with every home.
Heat and AC
We use low profile ductless climate control systems from Daikin for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.
Power Distribution
A 50 amp service panel comes stock on all homes.
Composting Toilet
All homes come with a no-waste compostable toilet model from Nature's Head
Soaking Tub
Stock model includes a 200 gallon soaking tub but we can customize to your needs.
Exhaust Fans
All models come stock with Panasonic Whisper bath and whole-house fans.
100% Customizable
We can absolutely customize any aspect of your home design. Any aspect or detail is up for discussion.

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